Other Beekeeping Clubs and Organizations


Missouri State Beekeepers Association


Established in 1903, the Missouri State Beekeepers Association educates and informs the public and beekeepers, promoting, advising, and supporting everyone from backyard hobbyists to commercial pollinators.

Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association


EMBA is a volunteer-based organization that trains beginning and advanced beekeepers, promotes beekeeping within the region, and provides networking opportunities for Eastern Missouri beekeepers, old and new.

Saint Louis Beekeepers


Focusing on beekeeping practices, St. Louis Beekeepers’ goal is to facilitate a broad spectrum of education and promote healthy natural systems where people, honey bees, and other pollinators can adapt and thrive.

National Honey Board


The National Honey Board publishes brochures, informational sheets, cookbooks, and other materials made available at no cost to members of the honey industry, for educating and informing consumers in their area about honey and its many uses.

Missouri State Fair


The guide for entering the Missouri State Fair.