Find a Mentor

There’s no substitute for wisdom, which is a great benefit that Members from our club can provide to newer beekeepers!

The list at the bottom of the page contains the name and contact information for those Members who have identified their interest in becoming a Mentor for others just getting started in the world of beekeeping.  These “bee buddies” live in various parts of our surrounding area, so finding one close to you should be simple.  They are ready to help guide you and answer your beekeeping questions.

Become a Mentor

Beekeeping and Mentorship go hand-in-hand. If you are a member who has skills, knowledge, and experience that you would like to share with newer beekeepers, consider becoming a Bee Buddy!  Please use the link below to complete your application.  Once received an reviewed by our Steering Committee, we’ll add you to the list below so new Members can find you.

Become a Bee Buddy


Mentors – Please help us keep your information updated!
(Updated 5/29/2020 – Send any change requests to

Area Name Telephone Email
Arnold Larry Hickerson 636-284-6312
Chesterfield Dan Schmehl 919-236-9836
Creve Coeur Joan Davis 865-250-8028
Fairview Heights, IL Kim Kostelac 618-531-5848
Foley, MO Eugene Makovec 314-703-7650
Franklin, County Joe Dittrich 636-584-4438
Ladue Mike Davies 314-304-7319
Madison, IL Jeff Bland 618-779-1901
North County Larry Hensley 314-355-6935
North County Rodney Buchek 314-239-7987
St. Ann Jill James 314-814-1405
St. Charles Tim Fredricks 517-775-5850
St. Charles Jim Guffey 636-328-9748
St. Charles Victor Imgarten 314-574-9554
St. Charles Eric Somheil 636-542-2261
St. Charles Jim Stellern 314-566-9626
St. Peters Tim Scheer 636-441-7987