Honey Starburst

Benefits of Local Honey

Local farmers have long known the benefit honey bees have in contributing to a bountiful harvest, but the honey created by the bees is a special reward all on its own!

  • Honey is often used as a natural sweetener in food and beverages.
  • Because of the antibacterial and antioxidant properties in honey, it has been used to treat wounds and included in a variety of natural healing remedies.
  • Some believe that regular use of local honey can improve their tolerance to local pollen and airborne allergens, easing the response their bodies have in high allergy seasons like spring and fall.

The following Club Members have local honey available for purchase.  Please contact the member directly to make arrangements for purchase.

Larry’s Local Honey

Local Honey ( Amber)

1/2 pints $7

Pints $12

Quarts $22

Call Larry at 636-284-6312

Posted 8/16/2020

T Jack’s Honey – Local small batch honey from St. Charles Missouri

Harvest time special pricing for larger quantities:
Limited quantity of 5 gallon honey pails (~60 lbs) for $250.
Bulk pricing on 1 gallon liquid honey (~12 lbs) quantities $65.
3 lb quart jar for $20
1.5 lb pint jar for $10
Comb honey (Ross Rounds, Cut Comb, Basswood Sections) - $10-15/piece.
Lip balms ($2 each or 3 for $5), hand creams ($5), beeswax bars ($1/oz or $12/lb), 
and candles (sold by weight and multiple styles available).
Porch pickup and mobile pay options available.
Contact for more details, available honey varieties, and hive product options.



Posted 8/1/2020

Do You Have Honey For Sale?

If you are an active Member of Three Rivers Beekeepers and wish to list your locally-harvested honey on this page, please use the button below to submit your request. Please note that only active, contributing Members of our club are eligible to post their offering. Each posting will remain for 30 days.  If a request to renew the posting is not made to Three Rivers Beekeepers prior to the 30-day expiration, the posting will be removed.

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