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Note: This page is provided as a benefit to our members looking to buy and sell beekeeping equipment. The posting of beekeeping equipment for sale is limited to actively participating and contributing members of TRB. Each posting will remain for 30 days.  If a request to renew the posting is not made to Three Rivers Beekeepers prior to the 30 day expiration, the posting will be removed.

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The following TRB members have beekeeping equipment available for purchase. Please contact the member directly to make arrangements for purchase and delivery/pickup.

Nucs for sale in St Charles

5 frame nucs for sale now.  Guaranteed for 6 months or replaced

$160 plus five deep frames with foundation.

You bring your equipment to my house in St Charles and i will help you transfer them, or I will lend you a NUC box for a $10 deposit

Advice and mentoring for new beekeepers.

Call Jim Guffey at 636.328.9748

Posted 5/29/2020

Nucs for sale

5 Deep Frame Nucs AVAILABLE NOW in Poly Jester nuc boxes. Missouri donor hives. Mainly California queens marked pink florescent. Arrived 5-25-20. Inspected same day. 50 available by appt.

7185 Eagles Mount Lane,Edwardsville,Ill.

My own Illinois survivor stock available also. 40 plus all in development.

Amish Missouri nucs in nuc box $150.00 ea.. Three or more $140 ea. Many marked w/pink florescent. California Italian Queens

My local Illinois stock $155.00 ea installed in your equipment.

Contact Tom Simpson:  618-301-0379

Posted 5/29/2020

Overwintered Nucs Available April 10

Overwintered nucs  available now in Wright City, MO.

$150.00 each

Contact Ted Galyean at 636-384-9431 or for more information

Posted 4/10/2020

Spring 2020 Starter Colonies, Nucs and Package Bees

Isabee’s is now taking reservations for Spring, 2020 starter colonies.  Isabees strives to offer healthy, stress-free starter colonies, available early April through May.  You may choose nucleus colonies or package bees, and you may choose to have your queens marked.

Nucleus colonies – 5 frames with mated queen – $195.00, With marked queen –  $200.  Deposit of $95.00 required to reserve.

Select Italian or Carniolan queen,

Expected pick up between April 25th and May 16th, 2020, first come, first served.*

We will also have a limited supply of locally raised Missouri Nucs for $220 each, available in early to mid-May.  If you are interested in being on the list for locally-raised nucleus colonies, email your name and the number of colonies you would like to

Package bees – 3 lb. package with mated Italian queen – $165.00, With marked queen – $170.00.  Deposit of $85.00 required to reserve.

Expected pick up Thursday, April 2nd or Sunday April 26th, 2020, first come, first served.*

You can reserve your selection by choosing a quantity and making your deposit or purchase in full through PayPal (or with credit card) at Isabees’ website:  www.isabees/Products/  You may also mail or drop off a check with minimum 50% deposit to Isabee’s by February 15th to reserve your colonies.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your reservation, please contact Isabees at  or by phone at 314-894-8737

Posted 2/23/20

Spring Nucs from Bee Blessed Acres

Bee Blessed Acres is accepting orders for our 5 frame Italian Nucs for the spring of 2020.  Our Nucs are from overwintered local bees and are generally ready the first week of May.

The cost of a nuc is $190 with a deposit of $25 to be sent to Bee Blessed Acres, 1292 Hwy Y, Foley, MO 63347 with your request. I

f any additional information is desired, please feel free to contact us at 636-668-6760.

Posted 2/18/2020

Spring Nucs

Spring made five frame nucs available mid – May. Limited quantity.  Order now.  $160.00.

Pick up in St. Peter’s area.

Contact Tim Scheer at 636-441-7987 or

Posted 2/5/2020

Spring Nucs in St Charles

Saint Charles Honey bees is offering 5 frame nucs in a plastic box for $200.  Nucs will be 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of resources.

Nucs are  guaranteed available by May 16 but expect them to be ready between May 2-9.

A 50% deposit is required.

Please message Eric @ Saint Charles Honeybees @ 636-542-2261 for more information.

Set up and mentoring is available

Posted 2/5/2020

Overwintered and Spring Nucs

Overwintered and spring-made nucs for sale (5 frame).

Overwintered nucs are $180 and should be available early April.

Spring-made nucs are $160 and should be available early May.

Queens from local survivor stock.

Includes box or you can have frames put in your own equipment.  Pick up in Ballwin, MO, when they are ready.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve nucs. Pay by PayPal at or call Jim Masucci to make other arrangements.

Call or text Jim with any questions. (FYI – there is a jdmhoney which is NOT same person)

Jim Masucci



Posted 1/24/20

Looking to purchase local pollen

If you are selling pollen, I am buying.  Please contact John Regnier at

Posted 8/4/20202

Selling excess equipment

A lot of this has never been used, some only used a year or two.  If you are interested, please call or send an email

All equipment is 10 frame and located in Woodson Terrace, MO.

Contact Sally Pipkins

Phone:  314-898-2088


1 Ultimate hive cover – $12, new

13 inner covers – $5 each

16 hive tops – $10 each

7 bottom boards – $5 each

8 brood boxes with new wax foundation – $35 each, new

20 empty brood boxes – $12 each

17 supers – $10 each

2 escape boards – $8 each

4 queen excluders – $7 each

4 nucs (2-story with spacer for feeding) – $20 each

14 spacers, all sizes – $3 each

5 hive top syrup feeders – $10 each

1 full case of brood box frames (unassembled) – $50

1 full case of wax for brood frames – $25

20 Mann Lake metal mouse guards or entrance reducers – $1 each

Posted 7/9/2020


315 Lemay Ferry Road,

St. Louis, 63125