Fellow Beekeepers and Potential Future Beekeepers-

Happy New Year!   Three Rivers Beekeepers  wishes to share a few links and resources with the beekeeping community.

There are many resources available for beekeepers in the St Louis area, and specifically training classes in January/February.

Check out the alphabetical list below with events and suppliers:

Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association (EMBA)Classes and Events (Introduction and Advanced Classes and Mardi Gras Banquet)

Isabeeslocal supplier

Jefferson County Beekeepers Association (JCBA)Class

 Missouri State Beekeepers Association (MSBA)Spring Conference and Field Day

Saint Clair Beekeepers Association (SCBA)Class

 Saint Louis Beekeeperswebsite

Three Rivers Beekeepers (TRB)Classes (Introduction and Intermediate Courses)

Best wishes for a successful 2020 beekeeping season!


Submitted by Tim Fredricks