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A Beginner’s Workshop to Learn How to Keep Bees

This two-day webinar is a great way for those who are interested in beginning beekeeping.  Join us and learn about the fascinating honey bee,  how to manage them, and their beehive from local experienced beekeepers.

You’ll also be invited to join Three Rivers Beekeepers, at no charge, for ongoing education and mentoring.

Day 1:  Saturday, January 23rd (8 am – Noon)
Day 2:  Saturday, January 30th (8 am – Noon)

WHERE:  Online via Zoom (a link will be provided after registration)

HOW:  Register Online  (Using the Form Below)

HOW MUCH: $40.00 per person if register by January 20, 2021, then $55.00 per person after January 20, 2021

SPEAKERS and TOPICS:  Eugene Makovec, Dan Schmehl, Tim Scheer, James Masucci, and Tim Fredricks

  • Introduction to Honey Bees: Biology, Anatomy, and History
  • Basic Beekeeping Equipment and Options
  • Where Do I Get Bees? Nucs, Swarms, Packages & Breeds to Consider
  • Honey Bee Pests & Diseases
  • A Year In the Life of a Beekeeper
  • The Swarm: What It Can Teach Us. Attracting & Catching
  • Questions & Answers

Tim Fredricks is a scientist by training and has been developing additional expertise in apiculture over the past 9 years.  He actively participates in Three Rivers Beekeepers club and is currently serving as the President of Three Rivers Beekeepers, co-founded a bee club at work, and for fun maintains 10-20 beehives primarily for queen, honey, and nucleus colony production.  He enjoys bee-related outreach activities, mentoring new beekeepers, and helping teach beekeeping techniques including queen rearing through grafting.

Eugene Makovec is a third-generation beekeeper with 24 years of experience. He is Editor of American Bee Journal, past President of Three Rivers Beekeepers, and a two-time Missouri Beekeeper of the year. He currently manages a dozen hives in Lincoln County, Missouri.

Dan Schmehl, Ph.D. is a Principal Scientist and pollinator specialist at Bayer CropScience, based in Chesterfield, Missouri, USA. He has a BS degree in Biology from Messiah College (2007) and a Ph.D. in Entomology from Penn State University (2013) with a specialization in Apiculture. After graduate school, Dan joined the laboratory of Dr. Jamie Ellis at the University of Florida where he specialized in honey bee pesticide bioassays and Varroa management, taught several beekeeping courses at extension events, and established the Honey Bee Club at the University. He joined Bayer in 2015 where his primary responsibilities include pesticide safety evaluations and support of Bayer bee health research initiatives. Dan’s expertise and background include environmental toxicology and risk assessment, Varroa biology and control, and honey bee nutrition. He has a wife and two boys that assist in their small beekeeping business, Ridge Trail Honey.

Tim Scheer is a hobbyist beekeeper, first starting out in high school with a swarm and then rediscovering beekeeping 15 years ago.  Tim is on the Board of Three Rivers Beekeepers and has served as past President.  Tim hosts our popular Q&A sessions at 6:00 PM before regular club meetings, helping and mentoring our new beekeepers each month.

James Masucci is a molecular biologist with a 22-year tenure at Monsanto/Bayer in Biotechnology, Regulatory, and Chemistry.  Jim manages 100 hives and has a sideline business selling bees and honey.  Jim works with commercial beekeepers in some of the largest field trials to evaluate new mite control products that are being developed.

For more information, call Eugene Makovec at 314-703-7650


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