Swarm and Bee Removal Volunteers

If you are interested in being contacted by the general public to remove swarms from their commercial or residential property, please read the following notice before submitting your name and contact information to be included in the Swarm List Removal Services provided through our Community Services listing.

*If you are a member of the community looking for assistance in removing a swarm from your home or business property, please visit this informational page first, then contact one of the following volunteers directly.

**Please note the coverage area and whether the volunteer offers structural or bee tree extractions/cutouts.

ALL BEEKEEPERS PLEASE NOTE: Those volunteering to assist the general public in the capture of honey bee swarms are responsible for all activities related to any capture and collection, including any communications with the general public that may be involved. Three Rivers Beekeepers (TRB) assumes no responsibility related to the capture and collection activity. Each person appearing on this list agrees to relieve, hold harmless and indemnify TRB, its owners, officers and members for any actions or activities related to swarm collection and honey bee extraction, including but not limited to information used, liabilities, or resultant damages, injuries or bodily harm that might occur.

To be added to the TRB 2021 Swarm Volunteer List, you must be an active member of Three Rivers Beekeepers – which is defined as having attended a combination of three or more meetings or club events within the previous 12 months or paying a membership fee of $20 (good for 12 months). Active members will be added to the list upon completion of the attached form and approval by the webmaster. Click here to complete the form.  Applications are being taken from January 1, 2021 – February 28, 2021.  After March 1, the list will be updated monthly with new volunteers at the bottom.

Join The Swarm!

Do You Need a Swarm Removed?

Please click on the link below to see and print a list of our volunteers. Never spray a swarm with insecticide or water.  Help us to protect our honey bees and pollinators. 

Call or Email one of our beekeepers from the list.  Usually there is no cost for easy to remove swarms.  If the swarm is in a wall or in a tree, there may be a fee.

2021 Swarm List will be posted in March 2021