Another Successful Prairie Day Event


Once again this year, Three Rivers Beekeepers took part in the annual Dardenne Prairie “Prairie Day event. The TRB booth and members were busy throughout the day this past Saturday, selling TRB hive honey and answering the many questions from those interested in honey bees and beekeeping.

Shown above are members of TRB along with the Mayor of Dardenne Prairie, David Zucker, who stopped by the booth during the morning setup.

From right to left are Dan Lake, Mayor Zucker, Eugene Makovec and Diane Makovec. Many other members of TRB were on hand to assist throughout the day. Thanks to everyone for pitching in to help!

(Photo courtesy of John Timmons)


New Varroa Mite Treatment Document Released


As most beekeepers know, the Varroa mite continues to be the most serious threat to honeybee populations in the United States and most of the world. The Honey Bee Health Coalition has just released “Tools for Varroa Management – A Guide to Effective Varroa Sampling & Control”. Drafted under the direction of University of Delaware Professor Dewey M. Caron, this 24-page document draws on the expertise of a variety of industry leaders, and provides comprehensive information on diagnosis and treatment options for this ubiquitous pest. The full guide can be accessed by clicking here.


Good Times at the Missouri State Fair!

TRB Day at the Fair