Oxalic Acid Treatment

As we prepare our hives for winter, don't forget to treat one last time for mites.  At our November club meeting "Oxalic Acid Treatment" will be one of the topics. Here are some key points about Oxalic [...]

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Mead Making Class Handouts

Necessary Equipment Scale (optional) you can record weight total weight of each ingredient first time, then use scale weight in grams in the future). Primary Fermentor ( 10 gallon bucket) Hydrometer and Test tube Large spoon (metal [...]

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Flow Hive Experience

Flow Hive Experience....by Ron Adelman This is my third year with three hives.  Two are Flow Hives and one is a Langstroth.  All have successfully wintered over from three nucs although I had some issues my first year [...]

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Pre-information you need for the March 2021 Club Meeting

Members, please print this before the March 15 Club Meeting by Zoom. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30626023/#&gid=article-figures&pid=figure-1-uid-0 And this article from ABJ, March 2019, page 337:  https://bluetoad.com/publication/?m=5417&i=568561&p=98    

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