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Members and Friends, please join us again in November for our Membership Meeting by Webinar.

This meeting will feature Jim Masucci, who will speak about “The world of almond pollination”.

…and Q&A with our panelists


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Jim Masucci lives in Ballwin, MO.  Jim started beekeeping in 2012 and started working on honeybee/varroa research in 2014. Since 2016, he has led the honeybee field research program at Monsanto/Bayer, trying to develop a new varroa product. This experience has allowed him to work with some of the top commercial beekeepers in the US and Canada which has taught him much about bees and their management. Jim currently runs about 100 hives of his own and has his own sideliner business selling bees and honey. Being both a beekeeper and a bee researcher gives Jim the perspective of knowing what’s important scientifically and what’s meaningful to the beekeeper.