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The following TRB members have beekeeping equipment available for purchase. Please contact the member directly to make arrangements for purchase and delivery/pickup.


Mated 2021 queens – $35 from personal survivor stock, will mark and clip for free if desired.

Virgin queens with attendants – $20 grafted from a Cory Stevens Missouri Mite Hunter VSH breeder queen.

Ripe queen cell – $15 grafted from Cory Stevens Missouri Mite Hunter VSH breeder queen (must pick up  queen cells on Tuesday or Wednesday)

Contact Last Name: Sammons at

Posted July 3, 2021

May Nucs – Jeanne Koebbe

Over wintered queens pulled from hives this Spring to make nucs. Queens are from splits after solstice last summer.
5 frame medium nucs. $150 each and $25 deposit for wooden box. Deposit refunded when nuc box returned.
Contact Jeanne Koebbe at 314-605-3235
Posted 5/3/2021

May Nucs for Sale – Cathy Madonna

5 Deep Frame Nucs. $160.00 each. Nucs have marked Italian queens. Will meet you for local pick up.  Wooden box will need to be returned
Call Cathy Madonna 314-283-7890 or
Posted 5/24/2021

May Nucs for Sale – Jennifer Taylor

4 x 5 Deep Frame Nucs. $165.00 each. Nucs have unmarked Italian queens. Willing to mark the queen.  Pick up in Wildwood, MO
Text Jennifer 314-775-5558 or
Posted 5/24/2021

May Nucs for Sale – Tom Simpson

5 Deep Frame Nucs in Jester boxes. $165.00 each. $160 for six or more.   Nucs have Italian queens. Very gentile. Many marked.  Purchased from Amish in Mo. All inspected in Illinois.
Call Tom & Gay Simpson 618-301-0379.  Pick up in Edwardsville, IL
Posted 5/17/2021

Wanted to Buy – Deep Frames with Brood

I want to buy your deep frames of brood (preferably capped brood to reduce loss from brood chill) with sufficient nurse bees to the cover brood.  Willing to pay $20 dollars per deep frame that has at least 50 percent capped brood.  Purchase offer is now thru April.

Something to consider: If you have a strong hive you will need to manage it to prevent swarming later this spring.  One way to reduce swarming is to do splits or start nucs to rein them back as we enter the swarm season or they will swarm.  This helps mimic swarming by reducing congestion in the hive which triggers swarming.

If you don’t want to or not sure how to or don’t have the time to do splits to increase your hives or to raise nucs for resale from your strong hives please consider selling me your swarms to be.  This will also let you rotate out older drawn frames by replacing the frames of brood removed with new undrawn frames and it relieves congestion in the hive.  It is best to alternate drawn frames with brood with undrawn frames which is referred to checker boarding.

Additional offer:  I will be getting club queens in early April.  If you want to replace your old queen and she is still laying well I will trade you even up old for new queen as long as you sell me at least 2 or 3 brood frames at the $20 per frame price.

If you are interested please contact:

Bill (dba B&C Bees) at (636) 244-1927.

Posted 3/27/21

Starter Colonies (Packages) and Spring Nucs – IsaBees

Isabee’s is offering spring starter colonies.  3 lb packages from Georgia with an Italian queen will be available the 4th week of April.  Pick up at Isabee’s.  $167

5-frame nucs from Kent Williams, TN, are available mid-April through mid-May.  $190

Isabee’s Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies: 765 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO.  314-894-8737

Posted 2/20/2021

Spring Nucs – Tom Cairns – Illinois

Now accepting orders for Spring 2021 (April) Nucs.

Limited supply. Order early.

$175 for one 5 frame deep Jester EZ Nuc box, Carnolian/Italian mix.

$50 down/per Nuc when placing order. Balance due upon pick-up in Dow, IL, U.S.A.

For questions or to place an order, contact Tom Cairns via email at: or text 618-972-8282 Volume pricing available.

Posted 1/23/2021

Check out Isabee’s for all your Beekeeping Needs

Equipment, beekeeping supplies, classes, spring packages

Isabee’s Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies: 765 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO.  314-894-8737

Posted 2/20/2021

Feeding boxes

2 open tray feeding boxes for 8 frame hives. Ready to install and fill. 10.00 each.

Contact Ron at 6364332773 or

Posted 2/5/2021