Who is Three Rivers Beekeepers?

We are a fast-growing beekeeping club located in St. Peters, Missouri, with over 400 individual beekeepers and honey bee enthusiasts having attended our meetings with an average meeting attendance of seventy-five, and growing.

Three Rivers Beekeepers serves beekeepers from the eastern Missouri counties of St. Charles, St. Louis, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin, Warren, Montgomery and Pike along with many western Illinois counties bordering Missouri, in and around the St. Louis region.

We pride ourselves in providing beekeeping presentations covering the entire spectrum of beekeeping subjects, from beginning to advanced, simple to complex and conventional to alternative.

Three Rivers Beekeepers remains committed to providing fresh, creative and inspiring educational programs with a refreshing atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. We make it our goal to keep our local communities informed of honey bee and beekeeping-related issues while providing a source of information about our industry and hobby.

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